goalsThe college offers veterinary education service based on research and standard foundations that are recognized internationally. To achieve this:
1. Graduate veterinarians that are able to perform their work to serve the community with high efficiency.
2. Provide the necessary services to the community through the available scientific potential of the college’s laboratories, hospitals and veterinary clinics.
3. Examine and treat of various farm animals, poultry and Fishbowl.
4. Prevention of infectious and non-infectious through media campaigns to raise awareness among stakeholders and those who are interested in this field of work. In addition to immunization campaigns against the diseases.
5. Provide consulting in the field of animals, birds and fish feed.
6. The use of modern devices in laboratories to enhance the performance and improve the scientific and applied research service to the community.
7. Raise the ability of students and enable them to deal with all situations and problems faced by the community and work to resolve and overcome them.
8-Develop capabilities of teaching members and allow them to work smoothly.
9. Continue to open training courses to the concerned persons and graduates that are involved in this activity through the Unit of Continuous Education at the college.
10. Protect humans from common diseases through control awareness and educational campaigns.
11. Get clean and safe food products from healthy animals that are free of diseases.
12. Dissemination of environmental and cultural awareness of the importance of veterinary medicine to serve community and develop environment.

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