serviceThe mission of the College of Veterinary Medicine - Tikrit University is to supply the labor market with qualified veterinarians through numbers of basic and knowledge infrastructure and to acquire the technical skills necessary for the college graduate, in addition to directing scientific research in the field of veterinary medicine to serve the community and its needs in various fields of the veterinary field. The most important ultimate goals and strategic goals of the college are to contribute to community service and environmental development through a set of strategic goals.

Services provided by the college to the community:
1. Field visits to all poultry fields, breeding fields for calves, cows, sheep and fish ponds to inspect them and find their needs for vaccines and feed.
2. Establishing an educational veterinary hospital and units of a special nature to provide greater services to livestock keepers, cows, etc.
2. Spreading environmental and cultural awareness in society through field visits.
3. Increasing community confidence in the services provided by the college.
4. Make corrective decisions when an error occurs in the implementation or when there is a crisis
5. Holding training courses for graduates of the College of Veterinary Medicine in all specializations in order to inform the graduates of developments in veterinary science.

The services provided by the college for students:
1. Discover and develop students' skills, talents and abilities.
2. Organizing scientific and recreational trips.
3. Developing the spirit of participation of students in the scientific activities held by the college.
4. Training and developing the skills of students in the field dealing with society in order to make a quantum leap in the conditions of raising and growing livestock.
5. Work to provide specialists to solve students' problems.
6. Organizing seminars that interest students and society and make them aware of the dangers of drugs and smoking.
7. Providing books within the free education program and helping students to copy lectures at symbolic prices.
8. Supervise the cafeteria and protect students from increasing prices, taking into account the quality of food.

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